Day 1 

The starting point is Lana. In the bike rental outlet SS38 Bike Lana you receive your Starter package, including the time card. The second oldest cableway in Europe takes us to Monte San Vigilio (1,500 m.). The absolute figures of 36 km and 1,800 meters of altitude do not reflect the physical effort that this path requires! While covering the first 300 meters of altitude you can get used to the environment while laying back and enjoying the scenery. As soon as you leave the Colle Largo behind, you will ride on the very trail that will take you back to the hotel in the evening. Cycling along the tree line, you continue on cycle paths and short and steep uphill climbs up to the Falcomai alp. At this point you must move hand to hand along the steel rope (the E-bike is to be held at the side of the valley). Immediately afterwards and in a considerable act of strength you get to the Sasso, a mountain that offers an incredible view of the Val d'Ultimo. If you still have energy reserves left, you can pay a visit to the famous lakes of Covolo, otherwise you can start a long and rather sophisticated descent to the hotel.

E-Bike Mountaing Challenge

Day 2 

 How could one start a day better than with a Super Trial downhill? Strengthened by the rich South Tyrolean breakfast, you cannot wait to take the next step. At the Lago di Zoccolo there is the gondola that in winter is used by the professional local skier Domik Paris, but that is beside the point because now it's your turn! As on the first day, even today the absolute figures of 30 km and 1,300 meters of altitude do not bear comparison to the exciting experience of this tour. Always along the southern slope and over 2,000 meters above the sea level you follow the path that leads to the lakes of Fontana Bianca. Those who want can taste the homemade South Tyrolean dumplings from the "Kn√∂dlmoidl". Now you are in the territory of the Stelvio National Park and the degree of difficulty increases: the ascent to Rifugio Canziani at 2,560 meters above sea level will challenge you, and so does also the descent ;)

Challenge Moutain Bike

 Day 3 


Does the first ascent of the day seem familiar to you? Then you are already an experienced transalpine cyclist and you may ride through the beautiful Falcomai Valley (in German Kirchbachtal) to the passo di Rabbi. But here, where the descent begins, your tour has just begun. Continue the route going past wonderful lakes with incredible views in order to arrive just below the Cima Trenta, also called Welscher Berg in South Tyrol. This area is so isolated you must make an effort to find the markings of the trail. Here there are no beaten tracks and the mountain hut, although often very lonely, as in the case of the alp, is the only place to eat a warm meal. Your afternoon starts with a challenge of hairpin bends - a few uphill but many downhill! Returning to the valley you can taste the best blackberries strudel as well as admire the Ancient Larches of Ulten with an estimated age of 850/2000 years. Finally, the tour ends with the return to Lana via the Ultner Talweg. 

Ultimate E-Bike Challenge